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MGM Smart World is an AI (artificial intelligence) project born within MGM.it, a company founded in 1970, leader in Europe for the consultancy and construction of shopping centers and stores for electronic entertainment. MGM Smart World is a project that changes everyday life making it simple, functional and accessible to everyone!

Services for companies and individuals
In fact, MGM can adapt their systems to the more complex and articulated needs of companies as well as to the more concentrated ones of the private sector.


From the many years of experience consolidated by numerous successes in the sector that have affirmed the uniqueness of MGM.it in the world, the MGM Smart World project was born which exploits the acquired knowledge of the MGM production departments, the deep specialization of the professionals, artisans and staff developers , the continuous creation of new products and the search for the most innovative materials in the use of the most advanced technologies.

MGM with its knowledge and experience has created MGM Smart World to provide its contribution to make this planet a better place to live, offering people the opportunity to have more time to devote to their lives

If it works, we improve it


MGM Smart World is not just a “brain” that performs functions, we put a “heart” in it to do much more: create a new reality to increase your business, to solve the obstacles of production or management, or, in case of a private individual, to be able to surround himself with a safe and intelligent environment to make everyday life easier and better.

  • Wherever you are in the world or you decide to go, you will always be close to your possessions and you will never leave them alone.
  • MGM-Smart World, an obedient and obliging butler, who answers your questions, executes your orders and never asks you, “the increase in salary”


Our staff is made up of creatives, professionals, engineers and developers, specialized technicians,
each one of them with experience and knowledge of the different realities for which our products are intended

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